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I am passionate about people,I love scalability, great user experience, thoughtful security, and elegant design patterns.

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The "Oculus" at World Trade Center station in New York City

6 Principles for Designing Software Architecture

After concluding a few successful software architecture design and implementation phases, I want to take a moment to write down some of the principles I have learned, and how they can simplify the architectural design process.


I speak web languages – the web API was my first love and I have enjoyed its evolution for the last 13 years of my career.

Some things I like: Software Architecture, JavaScript, React, Angular, Progressive Mobile, GraphQL, Static Site Generators, Headless CMS, Node.js, Type Safety, Serverless, Containerization, Cloud Deployment, SQL/NoSql/In-Memory Databases, Linux based servers.

I also care deeply about cross-functional teams working well together. I have extensive experience leading teams in Agile processes, creating shared language, and helping curate a culture of innovative thought.

I am profficient with: Agile Process, SCRUM Methodology, Google Sprints, Product Roadmap Development, Design Strategy.


I’ve worked with many top-talent firms and teams of creative problem solvers, helped launch startups, and been fortunate enough to lead teams at Fortune 500 companies.

Some employment history: Senior Software Engineer & Engineering Manager @Skookum, Consultant @MyJive, Co-Founder @Galvanize Labs, Project Coordinator @Best Buy, Network Operations Specialist @Global Linking Solutions, Owner @TL;DR Software.


I’m proud of all the projects I’ve been part of and the events I’ve attended that have helped to shape my career, but a few stand out as special experiences and accomplishments.

  • Launching and leading an Innovation Studio for a Fortune 500
  • Architecting a distributed real-time auctions platform
  • Attending GraphQL Conf 2019 in Berlin
  • Being a multi-year alumnus of Adaptive Path's UX Intensive
  • Co-founding a technology education startup
  • Data pipeline automation with REDIS Protocol & AWS Batch
  • Writing and deploying React Native applications and prototypes
  • Directing businesses in HIPAA compliant policies & application development


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Information Design from Winthrop University, with a special concentration in Digital Commerce as well as training in Interactive Media and Business Management.

I also spent two years at York Technical College taking courses in Art & Computer Science.

In addition my formal education, I have been working with creative teams for 13 years bringing products and experiences to life.