I am passionate about people,I love scalability, great user experience, thoughtful security, and elegant design patterns.

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Software Project Management: 5 questions you should ask yourself and your team

Have you ever asked yourself, "are we doing software project management well?" or tried to evaluate your team's health but didn't know what data to assess?


I speak web languages – the web API was my first love and I have enjoyed its evolution for the last 14 years of my career.

Some things I like: Software Architecture, JavaScript, React, Angular, Progressive Mobile, GraphQL, Static Site Generators, Headless CMS, Node.js, Type Safety, Serverless, Containerization, Cloud Deployment, SQL/NoSql/In-Memory Databases, Linux based servers.

I also care deeply about cross-functional teams working well together. I have extensive experience leading teams in Agile processes, creating shared language, and helping curate a culture of innovative thought.

I am profficient with: Agile Process, SCRUM Methodology, Google Sprints, Product Roadmap Development, Design Strategy.


I’ve worked with many top-talent firms and teams of creative problem solvers, helped launch startups, and been fortunate enough to lead teams at Fortune 500 companies.

Some employment history: Senior Software Engineer & Engineering Manager @Skookum, Consultant @MyJive, Co-Founder @Galvanize Labs, Project Coordinator @Best Buy, Network Operations Specialist @Global Linking Solutions, Owner @TL;DR Software.


I’m proud of all the projects I’ve been part of and the events I’ve attended that have helped to shape my career, but a few stand out as special experiences and accomplishments.

  • Launching and leading an Innovation Studio for a Fortune 500
  • Architecting a distributed real-time auctions platform
  • Attending GraphQL Conf 2019 in Berlin
  • Being a multi-year alumnus of Adaptive Path's UX Intensive
  • Co-founding a technology education startup
  • Data pipeline automation with REDIS Protocol & AWS Batch
  • Writing and deploying React Native applications and prototypes
  • Directing businesses in HIPAA compliant policies & application development


I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Information Design from Winthrop University, with a special concentration in Digital Commerce as well as training in Interactive Media and Business Management.

I also spent two years at York Technical College taking courses in Art & Computer Science.

In addition my formal education, I have been working with creative teams for 14 years bringing products and experiences to life.

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